The Politics of Misinformation

Politics has always favored the liars. The people who tell the truth have to bear a lot of trials and tribulations. People such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King who have been the torch bearers of truth are stellar examples. Take the case of President Nixon, President Clinton of recent vintage. Although caught in a lie or lies they managed to wiggle out and carve a legacy. Did not the people of United States of America have a choice?

Frankly they never had – once the President was elected he only had to convince a few hundred (other politicians of his Party) and the rest to use a cliché – history was made. One President resigned before he could have been impeached. The other President was impeached and charged with actions considered misdemeanors and hence was found not guilty thus allowing him to run for a second term. All of the above come under the heading of selective misinformation; Even though it is true – technically not guilty.

Do you think ordinary or even exemplary mortals get second chances as above? Take the case of Henry N Portner, USPTO. He is considered crème de la crème among the attorneys in Florida, The Supreme Court considers him an asset to the judiciary. Six States allow him to practice in their Courts. He is busy, well informed and a leading pillar of his society. When he gets trolled by fake news such as Henry N Portner, misconduct blogs or Henry N Portner, reprimand stories in articles you can imagine the furor in the legal community. Fortunately Henry N Morton’s ethics are of a high standard and the threat of trolls mitigated until it died without gaining any traction. Suffice to say that his integrity suffered some hits which took time to heal; unlike the politicians.

How to deal with internet trolling

The definition of an internet troll makes interesting reading. So, who is an internet troll? He or she (assuming that there is a person connected behind; this blog post does not talk of AI (artificial intelligence); that is slated for another blog) promotes arguments via abusive blogs and articles, some of the blogs may contain bigotry, racist comments or spreading false news. The idea is to create a stir and cause distress mentally or financially or both to the victim. The common thread with most trolls is they remain anonymous hiding behind bizarre handles (online identity – internet persona).

Henry N Portner, USPTO tried his best in trying to figure out the identity of the vicious attack on his image and standing in the legal community. He is an expert in Internet Law, Bankruptcy Law, Mergers and Acquisitions among other specialties. As a long standing member and an outstanding legal luminary this 60-year-old man knew that he had enemies but did not expect such an alarming tirade. He was faced with increasing Henry N Portner misconduct false accusations. Within a short time social media showed a similar rant with the different heading of Henry N Portner, reprimand blogs.

Portner has much more experience than normal individuals with Internet fraud cases. However, even he was stumped at the anonymity of the creators. He began his fightback by posting online blogs detailing his career and how a reprimand by the State of Florida Courts happens to one and all. Every student at some time or the other may receive a rap on the knuckles. The trolls used the reprimand issue and questioned Henry N Portner ethics.

Henry also appealed to the Consumer Attorneys of America to investigate the false and misleading accusations. During this battle Henry kept his cool and wits about him by going about his business. To cut a long story short although Henry Portner had to face some loss of integrity he has braved the storm and come out unscathed.

A brief history of Florida’s legal luminary

Henry N Portner, USPTO refers to his right and capability to represent patent practitioners before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has a spotless record which has been honed over two decades. In Florida’s law community the name of Henry N Portner stands tall for his impeccable manners, disposition and legal advice. He has won several historic landmark cases that have enabled him to the reputed position he now commands.

He is an expert in Bankruptcy Law and mergers and Acquisitions. Besides his expertise in stock deals, drafting of bye laws for revenue generating organizations is immense. He offers a plethora of services ranging from contract drafting, trademark law, web law, cases relating to internet fraud, family progression and mergers and benefits in Consumer Attorney of America.

With such a brilliant resume even he had to counter the false allegations levied in Henry N Portner misconduct blogs. These blog articles came out of nowhere and highlighted Henry N Portner, reprimand by the Supreme Court of Florida. This case occurred as the Supreme Court gave a judgement that Portner had failed to supervise non-legal staff of a loan modification company which he (Henry) controlled or represented.

Henry Portner as a teacher

Henry’s knowledge of Internet law was useful in countering these false allegations via blogs and articles and decided to fight fire with fire. Countering these false stories took some time and resources which ultimately proved successful as the clients became convinced that the stories on the web were all false and misleading.

His academic record is also stellar considering that he is a guest lecturer and speaker in several law forums and Universities. He is an adjunct professor in taxation and delivers lectures at the Master’s level. As a Master of Law from Temple University of Law as well as Juris Doctor from the same august institution Henry is well placed to be a teacher and attorney.

How Henry N Portner built his team up from the budding stage?

Henry N Portner is the most familiar name in the bar committees of many western states like Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Florida is his main base.  He served as partner-in-charge of law firm Equine Legal Resource in Florida. Presently, he works as the Managing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America. This 60 years old man, has worked for over 38 years as a general counselor in several states.  He leads his firm with utmost dedication and excellence; he never violates the moral ethics of the society to prove his point.

The time frame

As Rome was not built in a day, Henry N Portner also took a lot of time to get to the stage where he is today. He had to face several ups and downs in his life, but Mr. Portner never gave up. Although he is the most respected person in several western states, few people try to defame him. Most of them do this, as they are worried about the image he has in the society; they think that this might affect their living. However, Mr. Portner always follows the ethics and standards he set for himself and rose to the position where he stands today.

From the beginning

Life has taught many lessons to Henry N Portner. One of the important lessons that he learned was to keep only those people close, who respect him, both in front and behind him. He made this principle as one of his ethics and stayed close only to few best people to raise a strong team. Mr. Portner took a keen interest in budding lawyers, who were very bright and intelligent, throughout his career span. Throughout his counsel journey, he remained friendly with his team and believed in teamwork.

This is how Mr. Portner built his team right from the budding stage.



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