How Henry N Portner built his team up from the budding stage?

Henry N Portner is the most familiar name in the bar committees of many western states like Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Florida is his main base.  He served as partner-in-charge of law firm Equine Legal Resource in Florida. Presently, he works as the Managing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America. This 60 years old man, has worked for over 38 years as a general counselor in several states.  He leads his firm with utmost dedication and excellence; he never violates the moral ethics of the society to prove his point.

The time frame

As Rome was not built in a day, Henry N Portner also took a lot of time to get to the stage where he is today. He had to face several ups and downs in his life, but Mr. Portner never gave up. Although he is the most respected person in several western states, few people try to defame him. Most of them do this, as they are worried about the image he has in the society; they think that this might affect their living. However, Mr. Portner always follows the ethics and standards he set for himself and rose to the position where he stands today.

From the beginning

Life has taught many lessons to Henry N Portner. One of the important lessons that he learned was to keep only those people close, who respect him, both in front and behind him. He made this principle as one of his ethics and stayed close only to few best people to raise a strong team. Mr. Portner took a keen interest in budding lawyers, who were very bright and intelligent, throughout his career span. Throughout his counsel journey, he remained friendly with his team and believed in teamwork.

This is how Mr. Portner built his team right from the budding stage.



Here is why you should choose Henry N Portner – The seasoned lawyer

The Henry N Portner strives for excellence in all legal area of practice to representing a client in Florida and US. All kind of legal representation done for clients, communities, and firms by following ethics of US laws in true and honest manner. There are hundreds of firm’s attorneys in the USA but Henry N Portner is the one well versed, experienced, talented US attorney to represent organization and individuals with the aim to provide the legal solution to save respect, compassion, and dignity from unwanted legal problems.

Henry N Portner ethics – A US Attorney to offer best legal Aid

The vastly experienced trusted lawyer Henry N Portner describes legal problems aid for a perfect solution from US courts Laws. He is a self-motivator who makes honest efforts to help his clients get away from all legal problems

Clients Expectation from Henry N Portner

  • A guide to truth in front of US laws
  • Confident speaker to represent any case
  • Trustworthy legal aid provider with compassion and respect
  • Listen and Understand clients problems guide US court laws and discuss to strive best legal solution
  • Call (561) 400-0027 and mail legal problems at

Get expert legal services from Henry N Portner

  • 100% successfully carried out the legal issues related to Bankruptcy Adversary Litigation in Florida, and UNITED STATED BANKRUPTCY COURTS
  • Favors to win under the challenge for the Environmental regulation protections of NJ Department.
  • Done successful appeal to the US courts from the decision of the federal court in the 5th Amendment of Inverse Condemnation.

Who can contact to Henry N Portner ethics?

  • Manufacturing companies, dealers
  • Real estate builders and developers
  • Auto dealers
  • Banks of any kind
  • Insurance companies
  • Consumers, Sellers, and buyers
  • Professionals and family members
  • Defendants, creditors, debtors, Lessors, Franchisors and anyone who is looking for best legal solutions for their problems

The US attorney general Henry N Portner follow US court attorneys ethics to solve legal cases and represent clients throughout the US with the aim to get true legal satisfaction.

Henry N Portner – The Lawyer Who Abides by his Ethics

Henry N Portner is the name you should go for while thinking to hire a lawyer for all your legal problems. He is the perfect example of a hardworking American who reached at the top of his game through his will power and dedication. He is providing high-class services at reasonable prices. His association with different social organization too is of extreme importance for him. Henry N Portner cares to keep his ethics in the practice on priority.

How Henry N Portner’s Works

Mr. Henry N. Portner, J.D., L.L.M. (Taxation) is a distinguished Attorney based in Wellington, Florida. He is also the Partner in Charge of the law firm Equine Legal Resources based in Palm Beach County, Florida and also dons the role of Managing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America. He earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Masters of Law (L.L.M.) from Temple University School of Law in Taxation. He did his major in Political Science with a Minor in Business/Accounting as a part of his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Henry N. Portner actively participates in various charitable functions, ethical matters and numerous local community events in the Wellington and South Florida area. He has been a Guest Lecturer and Speaker across the country for a wide variety of industries and has taught as an adjunct professor in taxation at the university Master’s Level. All these qualities and accolades make him a reliable and professionally capable person to solve all our legal problems.

He is the lawyer, whom once can trust without going into details, thanks to his credibility in the industry and his reputation as a staunch lawyer. His ethics, exceptional qualifications and experience further makes him to stand amidst the topmost lawyer of the country.

Why go for Henry N Portner’s legal services?

Henry N Portner ethics, experience and dedication are sure to prove fruitful to you. His hardworking approach and the ability to work round the clock to provide the desired results make him superior than others. If you want to confirm the same, the official website of Mr. Henry N Portner is full of customers who have benefitted through his services. So don’t be blindfolded by all the lies which you see or hear about him, just be neutral, approach him for his services and look for yourself about his dedication toward work.

Henry N Portner is a reputed lawyer who holds high end credibility among his clients. His ethics, principles and the zeal to help the youngsters to adopt he law career altogether make him a great human being.

Henry N Portner – Conforming to Ethics in property appraisals

The United States District Courts handle many property appraisal cases that come under the civil segment. A district judge and a magistrate usually preside over such cases, often between individuals or corporations.

The unethical practices in property appraisal

Be it for the purpose of selling a property or valuing it for loan, property appraisals might deviate from the truth for a lot of reasons, and most of them are unethical at best and illegal at worst. Many times, defendants (individuals or companies) conduct the appraisal of their property that is then used as a reference point or basis for funding a loan.

The higher the appraisal value, the more chances for it to get extra value against a loan. Unethical practices include overvaluing the property during the appraisal, having actual knowledge about the gross inaccuracy of the value during the property appraisal. The appraisal value of a property is very important because lenders do not lend money if the appraisal value is below a certain limit. The gross inaccuracy in the appraisal value will also mean that the lender will not receive any funds from the foreclosure and a part of the loan remains. The obligation for this misrepresentation usually lies with the person who owns the property.

How Henry ensures respite?

Henry N Portner, ethics has represented many cases where he has carefully avoided all the misrepresentation and wrong valuing. The defense counsel has to make sure that the defendant does not fail to comply with the guidelines and statutes. In addition to correcting the differences in the appraisal value and covering the charges and overdue if any, the defense counsel must advice the defendant about the appraisal rules, and the deficiencies in the case presented.

Henry N Portner, ethics maintains that incomplete research and failure of notifying the client are malpractices that deviate from ethics and advises against relying on only one source for data collection and valuation. He carefully counsels the defendant about the deviation from law and the breach of contract terms. Henry N Portner, ethics also believes in proper presentation of data that complies with all the standards and regulations.

Join Hands with Henry N Portner to deal with commercial litigation reprimand

General cases of commercial litigation virtually involve variety of disputes arising in context of the business such as contract breaching cases, partnership disputes, business torts, class actions and more. If any such legal issues come up in your commercial business, it financial well-being and security becomes your major priority. In order to maintain the bottom line of your business, you need to hire an experienced attorney for commercial litigation and Henry N Portner is one such name.

All-in-one option

Thwarting all the Henry N Portner, reprimand , he is surely an ideal alternative for you regardless of the type of commercial dispute you are dealing with. Having a vast experience of over 35 years in this field, he can handle all your issues including –

  • Business torts
  • Antitrust
  • Contractual disputes
  • Unfair competition and fraud disputes
  • Corporate governance
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Securities
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Disputes relating to trade secret
  • Warranties and representations

A well-established name

Of course, Henry N Portner is well-known attorney in the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia and Colorado. Leaving all the Henry N Portner, reprimand conditions aside, he holds recognition from various courts namely –

  • US Supreme court
  • US District Court (Southern district of Florida)
  • US tax court
  • US District Court (Middle district of Florida)
  • US District court (District of Colorado)
  • US District Court (District of New Jersey)
  • US District Court (Middle and Eastern district of Pennsylvania)
  • Florida Southern and Middle district bankruptcy court
  • Bankruptcy court of New Jersey

His capabilities

A mere consultation with him regarding your commercial litigation will introduce you to his capabilities and expertise in the field. Being a qualified JD and LLM graduate from Temple University, his knowledge and skills make him capable of handling the toughest of situations. Not only commercial litigations, he is also an amazing attorney for several other areas such as –

  • Foreclosure defense and bankruptcy
  • Loan modifications
  • Debt settlements
  • Arbitration
  • Taxation and Business
  • Civil litigation

Experience speaks better than the words and thus he is a noteworthy attorney to rely upon.