The Politics of Misinformation

Politics has always favored the liars. The people who tell the truth have to bear a lot of trials and tribulations. People such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King who have been the torch bearers of truth are stellar examples. Take the case of President Nixon, President Clinton of recent vintage. Although caught in a lie or lies they managed to wiggle out and carve a legacy. Did not the people of United States of America have a choice?

Frankly they never had – once the President was elected he only had to convince a few hundred (other politicians of his Party) and the rest to use a cliché – history was made. One President resigned before he could have been impeached. The other President was impeached and charged with actions considered misdemeanors and hence was found not guilty thus allowing him to run for a second term. All of the above come under the heading of selective misinformation; Even though it is true – technically not guilty.

Do you think ordinary or even exemplary mortals get second chances as above? Take the case of Henry N Portner, USPTO. He is considered crème de la crème among the attorneys in Florida, The Supreme Court considers him an asset to the judiciary. Six States allow him to practice in their Courts. He is busy, well informed and a leading pillar of his society. When he gets trolled by fake news such as Henry N Portner, misconduct blogs or Henry N Portner, reprimand stories in articles you can imagine the furor in the legal community. Fortunately Henry N Morton’s ethics are of a high standard and the threat of trolls mitigated until it died without gaining any traction. Suffice to say that his integrity suffered some hits which took time to heal; unlike the politicians.


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