A brief history of Florida’s legal luminary

Henry N Portner, USPTO refers to his right and capability to represent patent practitioners before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has a spotless record which has been honed over two decades. In Florida’s law community the name of Henry N Portner stands tall for his impeccable manners, disposition and legal advice. He has won several historic landmark cases that have enabled him to the reputed position he now commands.

He is an expert in Bankruptcy Law and mergers and Acquisitions. Besides his expertise in stock deals, drafting of bye laws for revenue generating organizations is immense. He offers a plethora of services ranging from contract drafting, trademark law, web law, cases relating to internet fraud, family progression and mergers and benefits in Consumer Attorney of America.

With such a brilliant resume even he had to counter the false allegations levied in Henry N Portner misconduct blogs. These blog articles came out of nowhere and highlighted Henry N Portner, reprimand by the Supreme Court of Florida. This case occurred as the Supreme Court gave a judgement that Portner had failed to supervise non-legal staff of a loan modification company which he (Henry) controlled or represented.

Henry Portner as a teacher

Henry’s knowledge of Internet law was useful in countering these false allegations via blogs and articles and decided to fight fire with fire. Countering these false stories took some time and resources which ultimately proved successful as the clients became convinced that the stories on the web were all false and misleading.

His academic record is also stellar considering that he is a guest lecturer and speaker in several law forums and Universities. He is an adjunct professor in taxation and delivers lectures at the Master’s level. As a Master of Law from Temple University of Law as well as Juris Doctor from the same august institution Henry is well placed to be a teacher and attorney.


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