Henry N Portner – Conforming to Ethics in property appraisals

The United States District Courts handle many property appraisal cases that come under the civil segment. A district judge and a magistrate usually preside over such cases, often between individuals or corporations.

The unethical practices in property appraisal

Be it for the purpose of selling a property or valuing it for loan, property appraisals might deviate from the truth for a lot of reasons, and most of them are unethical at best and illegal at worst. Many times, defendants (individuals or companies) conduct the appraisal of their property that is then used as a reference point or basis for funding a loan.

The higher the appraisal value, the more chances for it to get extra value against a loan. Unethical practices include overvaluing the property during the appraisal, having actual knowledge about the gross inaccuracy of the value during the property appraisal. The appraisal value of a property is very important because lenders do not lend money if the appraisal value is below a certain limit. The gross inaccuracy in the appraisal value will also mean that the lender will not receive any funds from the foreclosure and a part of the loan remains. The obligation for this misrepresentation usually lies with the person who owns the property.

How Henry ensures respite?

Henry N Portner, ethics has represented many cases where he has carefully avoided all the misrepresentation and wrong valuing. The defense counsel has to make sure that the defendant does not fail to comply with the guidelines and statutes. In addition to correcting the differences in the appraisal value and covering the charges and overdue if any, the defense counsel must advice the defendant about the appraisal rules, and the deficiencies in the case presented.

Henry N Portner, ethics maintains that incomplete research and failure of notifying the client are malpractices that deviate from ethics and advises against relying on only one source for data collection and valuation. He carefully counsels the defendant about the deviation from law and the breach of contract terms. Henry N Portner, ethics also believes in proper presentation of data that complies with all the standards and regulations.


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